Freedom Resources

We are living in an unprecedented time of change, concern, and for some fear when it comes to our most sacred freedoms and liberties. 

We are working within the community to form strong networks where we can come together to stand for what is most important for us as humans, our civil rights. 

Below is a list, each linked to a URL, of some of the best places to find information, volunteer, and get involved at a state level to know what bills are being passed and what you can do about them. 


We are in the process of bringing the same level of knowledge and expertise you will find in these organizations, to our local GOP. If you know someone or you yourself would like to help please sign up under "Get Involved". We are all in this together. Policy over Politics. Freedom over Ideology.


  • A Voice for Freedom - Advocacy, resources, legislative education, and support for medical freedom

  • Freedom Keepers-  Freedom Keepers United is an inclusive global community dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of informed consent, medical freedom, and patient rights.

  • Center for American Liberty- The Center for American Liberty is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to defending the civil liberties of Americans left behind by civil rights legacy organizations. Founded by Harmeet K. Dhillon in 2018, the Center for American Liberty leverages its nationwide network of attorneys to zealously advocate for individual liberty and to combat illegal discrimination.


Arm yourself with information, know what is coming and what to do about it. 


-HR74- Read more here.

-AB1102- Read more here. 


-How does the California legislative process work ? - Read the overview here. 

-How to make your voice heard in the legislation process- Read this quick tips and tricks from Rob Banta.