In California, who should be able to decide when children in private schools
receive ‘in person’ teaching?

During recent 2020 school shut downs related to the coronavirus epidemic,
California Governor Gavin Newsom issued mandates that prevented private school children from going to their normal classrooms for
instruction. No data to date shows any correlation of cases with children, moreover they are in the lowest risk group possible.

This mandate not only defied the "follow the science" mantra we have been told to believe without question, it was another overreach by the governor.

The CCRP cheered as the Center for American Liberty challenged Newsom’s harsh mandates that closed private and public schools alike.
Last week, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Newsom, agreeing that Gavin Newsom overstepped his authority by denying private school
parents control over their children’s educations.This is a huge win for all of us when it comes to the precious freedoms and civil liberties so many take for granted daily. 

This is also an inspiration that there is hope, that we can't give up, every day people like Harmeet continue to fight for us, and we too must do our part. 

The Contra Costa Republican Party supports competition between public and private schools and we support ‘school choice’ for parents.

We applaud the 9th Circuit for siding with individual liberty. Our children don’t ‘belong’ to the State, nor are our freedoms granted by the government. Newsom was wrong to shut down private schools and
we’re glad to see this terrible policy struck down in court! 

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