Pressure from this organization and petition, in addition to others, have so far proved successful in getting concessions from the county.

From the outset of the Coronavirus, Contra Costa County instituted some of the most restrictive and now lengthy shelter in place orders in the United States. 

There have been a total of a little over 1,700 confirmed cases, representing .1% of the county's population. There have been 40 tragic deaths, most of which were in nursing homes.

Nationally, in California, and in Contra Costa County, we have flattened the curve. There are currently 18 people in the hospital for Covid-19 in the entire county.

While most of California is reopening, Contra Costa remains the slowest to open. These decisions are becoming more obviously not driven by science. The regulations are lacking in logic and are inconsistent, especially in light of the protests occurring with thousands in attendance.

We call on Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, the County Health Officer, and the Sheriff to open our county back up for business.

Please take a moment to sign our petition to help us send them the message.

Will you sign?