About Us

We are a local outlet for meaningful political engagement. Our goal is to strengthen and unite the foundation of the republican party once again, starting in our county. Our focus is to inform, equip, engage, and support local conservative voices and get more Republicans back in office. 

We believe in freedom, limited government, truth, and the constitution. We believe now more than ever we must unite towards action and broaden our outreach to initiate change by focusing on policy over politics. 


We generally meet every other month, on the first Tuesday of the month as a central committee and board. We want to hear from you and about you, and welcome you to reach out if you have a topic of interest to discuss or want to get to know us better. Please fill out to sign in page to get in touch with us.


Do you know the history of the California GOP and the Republican Party ? 



Get to know a little bit more about some of our candidates from 2020, click on the image to hear the issues they and we care about most. 

Janell Proctor
Faye Maloney
Julie Mobley
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Janell ran for election to California State Assembly to represent district 14 Faye ran for Brentwood City Council to represent District 1 Julie Ran for election to the California State Senate to represent District 7